Friday, 12 April 2019

Unforgettable journey 💗

I'm lucky that I could take part of in the trip to Sicily with a fantastic team. We spent 5 wonderful days here. Every day we had a great program and I enjoyed it a lot. I made a lot of new friends, for me this was the best part of the trip. On the first day I met some new people for example Svetlana who is from Poland and she was my roommate. Most students were very friendly, kind, cute and spoke good English. We organized many programs together. We went to the beach and we went bowling after we finished the official program. It was easy to make friends. By the end of the journey, I had got a lot of international friends for example Sara, Emanuel, Mattia, Sonia who is from Sicilia, Angel who is from Spain, Daniel who is from Iceland, Gabriela, Hannah who are Polish. So, when this trip ended I was very sad because I love the new people very much. But lucky I speak with Emanuel, Daniel, Sonia and Svetlanna every day. I hope that these relationships will last a long time and that we will meet again. In addition I also got to know Hungarian students better. I think that this travel was a fantastic opportunity, I discovered a new culture, food, nature, national customs, country etc.

 Well, I'm grateful that I went to Sicily and I got a lot of experience. 💘

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