Wednesday, 10 April 2019

National Prides in a European Context

National Prides in a European Context


I learned a lot in this project. It was very interesting to meet new people from different countries and get to know something about other culture. It's always nice seeing new places and new people. 

People I met were nice and welcoming even they were loud I was enjoying that. I hope this was not the last meeting of our lives. My host family was so nice and welcoming I miss them already. The food which was prepared in the staying place was delicious so in the future i will prepare something similar. I want to thank them for letting me stay with them. 

Sicily was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and I'm lucky to have had  the chance to go there and see everything with my eyes. My favourite trip was the trip to Cefalu because It was so beautiful. I'm very happy about the photo contest because I like taking pictures and getting the first place it raised my self-confidence.

I hope we all will meet again and never forget all the good things what happened in our visit.


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