Thursday, 4 April 2019

Palermo (Daniel Arnar - ISL)

Daniel Arnar                                                                                                                   04 Apríl, 2019
Palermo, Sikiley 
 I've been to 17 countries in my life. And I must say that my experience in Palermo is probably the most unique one ever. I've never been to a country as glorious as Italia, and I was immediately overwhelmed by the breathtaking enviroment and the Roman & Arab architecture. I especially liked travelling to Cefalú, which is a rather remote city in Sicily. 

I also really enjoyed visiting all the Cathedrals and the chapels, as a religious person it was a dream experience for me to see a real Catholic church. 

Overall, I'm very thankful for being one of the chosen ones to represent my country in this journey. And I'm also incredibly grateful for the wonderful hospitality provided by the Sicilian people. I hope I can return to this place one day. 

 I look forward to hopefully see the lot of you again, all wonderful people.
Below is a picture of me with a giant pringles which I found in a bin in Monreale. 


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  1. Dear Daniel, your words made me so moved!!! All the efforts and commitments of the teachers to organize your moments of meetings are well rewarded