Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."

It was a wonderful experience because I had the amazing opportunity to know people from other countries, with a way of seeing life totally different from ours, with ways of doing, with cultures, customs, habits and ways of thinking different from ours. I was able to compare myself with every single boy and girl from every single country and I noticed that there are things that we young people have in common: think of our future, of a better future where wars, religious, racial and political persecutions turn into a single moment of tolerance and peace or a problem much more felt for us children: pollution. For me this was the second experience with which I hosted another nation in my house! And if there is the possibility of doing it again, I will do it with great pleasure. These are experiences that leave a mark in your heart. The first time I hosted a German boy, this time I hosted two boys from Latvia. With them I exchanged ideas and opinions addressed in a general sense. On these occasions I had the chance to know the boys in a deeper way than other guys! Because I was part of the activities carried out in Palerme. Both were exciting experiences. See these people marveling at our monuments was quite strange! We see them frequented (even simply walking for a few meters we meet different ones), now we no longer pay attention to our cultural beauties, architectural, natural and landscape; and thanks to them I was able to rediscover the value of our monuments! To know these people was an experience that leaves you speechless. I tied a lot with the guys that we hosted here in Palerme, especially with the group of Spanish kids, to keep in touch we exchanged phone numbers. The days spent with these guys are unforgettable and every day, every hour and every minute spent with them is engraved in my heart forever. This experience is like an indelible writing.


 Me and Angel!

Me and Péter!

Me and Pedro!

Me and Csanád!

Me and Ramón!

Me Kristians and Krists!

All together!

Blue Group!

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