Sunday, 14 April 2019

I couldn't imagine what was going to be like our trip to Sicily. I was hoping to make some friends, instead I realized they were actual brothers and sisters to me. I felt the family hosting me was like my own and the rest of Italian people seemed people I already knew before. I don't just want to highlight how amazing Italians were but also everybody else in the exchange. I, for sure, made bonds with people from all around Europe thanks to this project, also learnt about this so similar culture to mine; the Italian culture. I believe that there was a perfect balance between showing their national pride and having spare time with our fellow mates. Every photo we took meant something, and this was reflected by the photography contest which, apart from this, encouraged us to capture the memories so we never forget them. It was hard to believe that in this times of dispair and sadness something this constructive, joyful and magnificient could have happened. I don't regret not even a second of which is the adventure of a lifetime.

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  1. Perhaps all this has happened because you students deserve all this !!!!
    Remember that school is not just the place having to get good grades, but where you are becoming citizens of the world