Tuesday, 9 April 2019

National prides in European context

During the project I learned a lot. 
Meeting all these people and seeing how people in Sicily live opened my eyes. Everything was different from my day to day life. Even if the people were loud sometimes, it was a wonderful experience seeing how people are and act from different countries. People were really nice, especially my host family. Although they didn't know the language very well, they tried a lot what was extremely nice from them. The food was good too, even if I didn't eat fish there was other foods that i enjoyed. 
The nature in Sicily was wonderful! The most beautiful for me was Monreale beach. But Cefalu and Palermo itself was incredible. The mountains were really interesting to me and the sea water was clear, which I saw for the first time. 
The churches we saw were interesting too. They all were pretty similar but really, really beautiful and incredible. The little details made the churches special.
Mostly everything was great. This was one of my favourite projects to take place in!

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