Thursday, 28 February 2019

Vilhjálmur Thorarensen's experience of The National Prides

My Experience

So, here I am back at home recollecting my wonderful memories of Spain and of the Spanish hosts and students who immediately embraced me with warmth and kindness. What immediately struck me was how vastly different the architectural style and history of each city we visited was from Iceland. It is one thing to learn about the history and the culture of a country from a text-book but to actually travel to the country and to experience it all first hand has immeasurable value and I am sure it has influenced me for the better. 
And to my Spanish hosts and my new friends thank you for everything. We made great memories together. 


It has been the best thing I have done in my life, I would repeat it without thinking. I liked having spent several days talking whith people from other countries in the same languague.
I have to say, that at first I was worried if they where going to understand me😅, but everything was great.

I recommmend it 100%😀


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Best week ever

This experience will be unforgettable.
Thank you all for being so nice people, I will remember these days forever.  I’m very grateful because I’ve learnt so many things from different cultures and met amazing people.

I hope to see you all again soon!!!

An unforgettable experience

These days have been something fantastic. I am very grateful to have met such wonderful people, it has been amazing to be all the different cultures together during this time. It has also been very interesting to see my city from the point of view of a foreigner, it has helped me to see all the beautiful things that it has and I have learned a lot.
I hope to see you again someday, as soon as possible!

Sunshine and heritage in Spain

We spent 5 beautiful days in Spain on 18-22 February. We met other countries' teachers and students, worked together and got lots of memorable experiences. We visited Orihuela (IES Gabriel Miro and city), Cartagena, Murcia, Elche and Alicante together. Finally we had the opportunity the spend a day in Barcelona. I hope that every short term mobility will be as fuitful as the first was.

From Sicily to my new European friends

These past few days in Spain have been very nice. I have met fantastic people and I visited some very nice places like Cartagena and Alicante. I hope to come back there with my family as soon as possible.

To all the European friends

It was a very good experience that give me better knowledge of Spanish culture and  new international friends that will stay forever in my heart.

This experience in Spain made me understand what it means to say union and to speak in a language that is not mine.

But also the friendship that at first seemed a bit strange ……..
Now I am understanding what it means to be European

To all the Orihuela meeting participants

I would like to thank all the teachers and students for this great meeting where I have really enjoyed the experiences we have shared. Being the first meeting of the project made me feeling quite nervous fearing that the expectations wouldn’t be fulfilled. Now, thanks to the participation of all the people involved, visitors and hosts, my impression is that it has really paid the effort.
I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Meeting in Orihuela


Hello everyone, students and teachers.

During the days we spent together, we started a twinning experience, which will grow over time.

Here you have some group pictures, of the visit to Orihuela, Cartagena and Murcia.Some colleagues told me how important the photographs were to publicize the project in their centers. I hope you like them.

For me, it was very complete experience, to see both students antd teachers, discover the environment we visited, and the personal relationships.
To illustrate these sensations, I made some photographs, which will be part of an exhibition. The activity is organized by Professor Gemma Ruiz and myself, and will take place next Friday, March 15. In the exhibition, a group of students and the teachers that organize it, we will show to the whole center the images that best represent our meeting.If you want, I can also share with you these portraits I photographed those first two days.

From Miguel Hernandez to our new friends

From Miguel Hernandez to our new friends

            "They never departed
the garden of embraces.
And round the red rose
of kisses they travelled.
   [...] "

An excerpt from Miguel Hernandez's Waltz Of The Lovers Joined Forever
                           (IX: From ‘Cancionero Y Romancero De Ausencias’)

The Erasmus project,an opening to the world!
One day we will meet again!!
Monica :)

                         A tender goodbye❤

Sunday, 24 February 2019

An amazing trip

During these 5 days I learnt a lot about Spain, and I could also learn interesting things about Spanish culture, heritage and gastronomy. 
I saw a loads of beautiful buildings: breathtaking casinos, beautiful houses and splendid churches. 
I made some international friends as well from the participating countries.
I am really thankful to everyone because they made it an unforgettable experience for me. I really want to go back again.