Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Meeting in Orihuela


Hello everyone, students and teachers.

During the days we spent together, we started a twinning experience, which will grow over time.

Here you have some group pictures, of the visit to Orihuela, Cartagena and Murcia.Some colleagues told me how important the photographs were to publicize the project in their centers. I hope you like them.

For me, it was very complete experience, to see both students antd teachers, discover the environment we visited, and the personal relationships.
To illustrate these sensations, I made some photographs, which will be part of an exhibition. The activity is organized by Professor Gemma Ruiz and myself, and will take place next Friday, March 15. In the exhibition, a group of students and the teachers that organize it, we will show to the whole center the images that best represent our meeting.If you want, I can also share with you these portraits I photographed those first two days.

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