Friday, 15 November 2019

Iceland forever inside in my heart

It was an unforgettable journey I saw breathtaking landscapes and I met people who will remain forever in my heart including Stirmir the boy who hosted me for this trip and his family, The place I liked most about this trip was the Gullfoss waterfalls between wind and droplets water in the face were the most beautiful landscape in all 木 Iceland will remain forever in my heart!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Sicily and Iceland, two splendid Islands, so different from each other.

The experience I had in Iceland allowed me to take a dip into the past, since one of my recurring dreams, as a child, was to live in close contact with nature, and so it was… Spending the days admiring the long stretches of uncultivated land, the activities of Geysers and, above all, being able to touch with hand what, until then, was only an exclusive aspect of my personal culture, acquired from books, it was really wonderful. Moreover, another great emotion was to observe with my own eyes the changes of the planet Earth in recent centuries, such as the faults created by the separation between the Eurasian and the American plates. 
Thanks to Erasmus plus and the National Pride project In a European context, all this has been not only a dream but also reality.

Fantastic examples of natural beauty!

The stay in Iceland was an unforgettable experience for me, due to the beauty, the variety, the particularity of the evocative places we have visited and especially for the importance that it has in my work as a teacher. I have been teaching natural science for 32 years, so to have admired, the waterfall,  the fault between the Atlantic and Eurasian sods, the calderas, the geysers was very exciting.  These experiences with significant details are going to fill my lessons and it will therefore contribute to involve my students even more in the study of our planet and its resources, a fundamental element for the respect and prevention of the delicate balance of nature.


Iceland and me.

Going to Iceland has always been a dream for me, thanks to Erasmus and my teachers I managed to make it happen. It was a wonderful experience, full of strong emotions. I admired landscapes of unique and unforgettable beauty. I would do this again a thousand times, I would have liked to spend more time with the girl who hosted me, I hope to see her again to spend more time together. I will return to Iceland, no doubt.



I never thought i’d make one of my biggest dreams come true
I would like to focus on the landscape side,wich is certainly one of the most beautiful things that this magnificent land has to offer.
The thing that struck me most was certainly the collapsed volcano itself, where a puddle created by the rains and the iron contained by rocks of that place was created
Then we went to the geysers. Seeing them was a great emotion because in Italy it is very rare to see them.
I would like to give a special thought to the guys with whom I have faced this experience,students with a golden heart, nice, willing and who have been able to lead in this wonderful experience.
In short, an experience that I will never forget.



At a naturalistic level, in Europe, Iceland does not fight: incredible phenomena, pristine lands, wild beauty and atmosphere bordering on unreality, thanks to its lava deserts, volcanoes, ice and thermal springs.

 Right there, "up there in the center of the world", above the ocean, waiting for my sweet and unexpected arrival, I thought and thought again that all that was happening was one of my greatest dreams: to visit the kingdom of flames and glaciers.

Once I arrived in Iceland I felt like I was reborn.

Two opposing forces: the fire of the earth and the ice water;  here they clash in a constant struggle;  but all four elements expand and explode in the most unexpected wonder.

Water and fire, two fundamental elements for the life of this "world", the latter are the engine of Icelandic life.

Travel like the Wind, because the wind is free and knows no limits.

Thanks to this journey I was able to develop an open mind, a desire to discover more and I was able to travel to the worlds of all the friends I met.

From the deep cold, from the intense flames, from the silent wind, from the imposing volcanoes, from the abyssal seas and from the love of the inhabitants of this "new hidden world".

This journey has managed to connect the pulse of my heart with that of the world.

Needless to say, on the last day all those sensations I felt while I was immersed in the Icelandic nature died out in me.

I will miss all the places visited, the people I met left me a positive note in me and I will never forget them.

One day I will return to my Icelandic steps to relive those wonderful emotions and intoxicating sensations.


The experience in Iceland was a wonderful experience, because I saw some wonderful landscapes that I never thought I could see before. The group activities we did and the places we visited, such as the volcanic lake and the gulfoss waterfalls. It was interesting to see the Perlan museum and converse with the president of the Icelandish republic. It was exciting to meet again the Icelandish boys who came to Italy in April and for this I also want to thank Kristofer for welcoming me to his home (to highlight that I hosted him in April) and it was a pleasure to meet all the guys who participated in the project and the school students. I hope to be able to relive this experience again and to be able to meet again all the boys with whom I have tied more in this wonderful experience.