Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Sicilia, Palermo 2019

A trip to Palermo, Sicily, I will be remembered for a long time. I think that it was a good decision to take part in Erasmus because it gives many possibilities. On the first day we visited the school of Paolo Borsellino, in which we solemnly began our stay in Italy. Then we divided into groups, in which we started to visit Palermo. There were beautiful views that I had never seen before. On the second day we went on a trip to Cefalu. It is a beautiful city that hides a lot of small streets. We had a meeting with the mayor who gave us the statuettes. On the last day we visited Monreale for a short time and then we returned to Palermo Mondello Beach for a delicious dinner. We had the opportunity to try seafood and tasty dumplings with fish in lobster sour cream. In the evening, we worked in groups, at the school in Padlet, and later the ceremonial ending of the Erasmus in Palermo and the announcement of the photo contest took place. After supper, the headmaster handed out certificates to everyone and it was very funny. I am very happy with this trip and I would like to take part in such a trip more than once.

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