Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Sicily and Iceland, two splendid Islands, so different from each other.

The experience I had in Iceland allowed me to take a dip into the past, since one of my recurring dreams, as a child, was to live in close contact with nature, and so it was… Spending the days admiring the long stretches of uncultivated land, the activities of Geysers and, above all, being able to touch with hand what, until then, was only an exclusive aspect of my personal culture, acquired from books, it was really wonderful. Moreover, another great emotion was to observe with my own eyes the changes of the planet Earth in recent centuries, such as the faults created by the separation between the Eurasian and the American plates. 
Thanks to Erasmus plus and the National Pride project In a European context, all this has been not only a dream but also reality.

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