Tuesday, 12 November 2019

My best trip abroad

I luckily had the opportunity to travel to Iceland during October 2019 for 5 days. This was my first time travelling by plane, which even made it more and more exciting. The trip from Vienna to Keflavík took approximately 4 hours. When we landed, I got a bit scared, but even more excited. We met our host at the airport and drove to their family. The first day was about introducing ourselves, meeting the host family and walking around Keflavík.

Traditional houses used to look like this in Iceland. 

 A typical lighthouse.

On the second day we visited the local high school, Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurnesja. We were able to see how the student life is in Icleand. I loved the big variety of lessons and subjects. 
After that, we travelled to Bessastaðir to see the president of Iceland, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson. They welcomed us with sweets, coffee and tea, then we were able to ask the President some questions.


After the meeting, as we were already near the capital, we travelled to Reykjavík by bus. We visited Perlan, Iceland’s biggest museum. We watched a show about the Northern Lights, then walked around in the building.

Our next day was about trips. We took the bus early in the morning and began our tour to Iceland’s sights. The first stop was Þingvellir National Park, Iceland’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Then we took the bus and went to Kerið, a volcanic crater lake. 

Our lunch was at Friðheimar, a very unique restaurant.

 All dishes are tomato-based,

and the restaurant itself is a greenhouse. 

We visited Gulfoss, Iceland's most famous waterfall as well. The weather was very windy, yet the view was unforgettable. 

On our penultimate day (since you can't travel enough), we took the bus again, and went for a long trip. We visited the bridge between Europe and North America on Reykjanes Peninsula. The sand here is black, which makes it even more interesting.

Our last stop was the capital, Reykjavík. After having dinner in a local restaurant, we had free time for a few hours.

I would like to thank the orginazers, my host family and my teachers for giving us an opportunity to travel this far. These few days became my best trip abroad. I can't wait to see some of you in Hungary in April! 💖

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