Sunday, 12 May 2019

Visiting Sicily was one of the best things in my life.This was the first time I flew with a plane and it was amazing.Then when we arrived the hosting families took me home and let me try out tasty Italian foods.

On the second day we visited many spectacular churches.After that we ate in an Italian restaurant.In the evening after dinner a few of us went down to Mondello beach and had a great time together.

Next day we visited Cefalú a beautiful town far away from Palermo.There the major of Cefalú welcomed us.After all that we went back to Palermo and spent some time with the family.

On the fourth day we visited Monreale which was also a beautiful place.Than we had lunch at Mondello beach and walked with the other students.In the evening we worked on padlet, after that we had our last dinner with all the students.Than there was a ceremony and after that we went back home to the family.

On the last they we visited Catania by train.In Catania we bought souvenirs and tried out different foods.In the evening we went back to Hungary by plane.In Budapest a bus was waiting for us which brought us back to Eger.

All in all it was an unforgetable experience.It was great to meet these friendly people and it was also the perfect oportunity to improve our English skills.

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