Wednesday, 29 May 2019

National Prides in an Amazing Latvian Context

Wonderful, amazing and  great days in our host country Latvia!
. I wouldn't  know how to express all my thankfulness to Latvian students, teachers and parents who welcomed us for five days, offering us the best of themshelves and their valuable heritage:
Incredible large forests surrounding us everywhere, lakes and nice river trips... and green, green. green places everywhere... their lovely and catchy songs and dances (everybody can dance and sing beautifully, even we were able to perform at an endearing school concert, singing and dancing traditional songs _we had learned to read the loooooooooong Latvian vowels before_ )...and green, green, green everywhere... delicious tasting of handmade food (some of it only cooked at the Summer solstice).... and green, green green everywhere.... the beautiful old Riga, the awesome National Library with its eleven floors and the Cabinet of Folksongs (UNESCO World Memory), the unexpectedly quiet and bright Baltic sea, and my favourite place, the Baltic Way, the monument on the Latvian- Estonian border, a remembrance place of a peaceful political demonstration on 23 August 1989 when two million people joined their hands across the three Baltic states, demonstrating a popular desire to be free from the Soviet rules.... and everywhere green, green, green...
 ...and thank you, thank you, thank you for these  blissful unforgettable days. I hope we meet  you again.

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