Thursday, 30 May 2019

A beautiful experience in Latvia

I LOVE LATVIA          😍

Hi! I'm Mónica from Spain and I went to Latvia, I had a beautiful experience there, Latvia is much different as Spain, I remember that I was like "OMG there are a lot of trees and plants and forests, Lots of Green!!" hahaha. Iwas afraid about the weather, but when I arrived, the weather was like in Spain so I hadn't problems with that.

When I arrived, my latvian friend Daniels, was waiting for me, because he was my partner.

The first day, we visited the school and It was amazing because there was a lot of things.
The second day, we went to Riga, and it really seems like the city of San Francisco or Paris haha.
The third day we went to a natural park and I feel like a wilding haha

The food was good but I'll always prefer the food of Spain.

I hope to return soon.
Mónica!!    :)                    😁  🙌 👯

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