Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The unforgettable Icalandic trip

To my surprise, I was the one of the five students, who travelled to Iceland because of the Erasmus project.I have never had before such an impressive 5 days in my life.
First of all, I have never flown and I have never been at an airport before this trip, so it was a huge pleasure for me and I loved it very much. The hosting family was simply unbelievable, and from the first moment I felt like I was at home. After the arrival, the "hosting girl"-Anna and I went to shopping and she showed me the town of Grindavik (where I lived).
On the next day, we spent the whole forenoon in the school. There was a welcome ceremony, a short introduction from the guests,and a walking tour around the school.We had lunch, as well. Then, we met with the President of Iceland, and that was very weird but it was also a lasting memory. After that, we went to Perlan and we had a fun night at the 88 House.
Thursday was my favourite day, because we had full schedule, so we visited the Thingvellir National Park, the Kerid crater, Skalholt, The Gulfoss, The Geysir and we had 2 fantastic meals on that day in a restaurant. As the way I see it, I saw the true face of Iceland on that day.
On Friday, we had so many programs, too. And when it was over, we had to go back to school because there was a farewell dinner.
On the next day, I had to say Goodbye to my hosting family and we agreed about we will see each other one day.
Without any doubt, I can say that was one of the best weeeks in my life.

Thingvellir National Park

Parlament of Iceland
With the President of Iceland

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