Friday, 18 October 2019


Unbelievable experience, wonderful scenery and lovely people.

I wouldn't know how to express my feelings regarding to this trip. 
First of all, I have discovered that Iceland has as many wonders of nature as you want to visit. I really enjoyed the view in Thingvellir National Park, the Kerid Crater and Gulfoss. However, I had never felt so cold before visiting those waterfalls! I am not at all used to those low temperatures. Despite the crazy weather, it was worth it. 
Some other activities I liked were the visit to the president of Iceland, who was very close and kind; the meal we had at Fridheimar, a tomato greenhouse, and the walk tour around school. I must say that I was impressed with your highschool.

In addition, I am very pleased with my host family because they treated me so well. The very best thing of this trip is the people I have met and the wonderful time we spent laughing and playing together. I am looking forward to see you soon!

It is incredible all the knowledge you can acquire by knowing other cultures and travelling!!

Nuria Murcia Ballesta

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