Wednesday, 16 October 2019


The trip to Iceland has been a wonderful experience. I can explain with words my feelings馃槣. Iceland is a beautiful country quite different from Spain; not only the weather but also the nature. I felt amazed when I saw all the natural areas we visited 馃樅. I learned a lot of culture. I enjoyed also spending time with the Icelandic people, they are so funny and charming馃樈. It was also new for us the way of living there: the timetables, food, weather... So it was like a challenge for us馃挭.

  1. I will always remember this unbelievable experience and the incredible people I met not only from Iceland but also from other countries, I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to get to know this part of the world and also to share te world that we have inside of us 馃樆

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