Saturday, 19 October 2019

An unforgettable experience 
I was one of the few very lucky students who could take part in the National Prides in a European Context program and due to that I had the chance to travel to Iceland. The whole trip was beyond my expections, I had a wonderful time in this magneficent country.
On the first day , our Hungarian team spent the whole day travelling to the destination. We had a really good time and we got close by the end of the trip, which I can tell about my host family as well. After the arrivement we had a little drive through in Keflavik and a delicious dinner.
The next day, was the programm’s first day, the Icelandic teachers and students organised us a warm welcome ceremony. We also had a look into the Fjölbrautaskóli Suournesja’s students every day life and visit various classes during the day. In the afternoon we were that lucky to meet the president of Iceland, a very humble and kind man. At the and of the day we visited a Planetarium , where we got to know Iceland’s historical and geographical side , through an interactive experience. From 8 o’clock the stundets had a fun night at one of Keflavik’s youth center.
On our third day we’ve spent our time outside in a National Park, walked by a non-active vulcano and ate between tomato plants. The best tomato soup I’ve ever had! Our day was fantastic!
Then came the worst part, our last day, before saying our heartbreaking goodbyes, we’ve spent a marvellous day in Rejkjavik. After looking around in the city , most of us went to by some souvenirs, Icelandic sweets or food and something for ourselves.
Our plane left quite early in the morning , so we didn’t have time to do anything on Saturday. Luckily we had a safe journey back home!
To summ up , it was a life-long experience for me and I’ve made some very nice international friends!

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