Sunday, 10 March 2019

Take me back!💛

Words cannot describe how wonderful time we had in Spain! We could make many-many new friends and we could get to know a number of fantastic people! Thank you for all of the organizers, the time we spent in Spain was unforgettable❣️

I have got some photos about the beautiful places which we visited.🌍

Not only the weather was amazing in Orihuela but the places which we visited. All of them was beautiful and our tour guide was fantastic, as well!

The Roman theatre took me back in time. It was so impressive to see how people used to entartain themselves in the past. Besides this, Cartagena is a superb city, we took a long walk next to the sea and visited a couple of souvenir shops!

Palm trees, finally! I was absolutely amazed by the wonderful plants. I wish I could bring one of them to home!

The first time in my life when I could sing "Beach, beach, let's go to the beach!" and it came true! We took many-many pictures at the beach and we had a wonderful time together. It was just like a dream. (And I could learn what gaviota means!)

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